Gallery stack 3.10 only one option

RW 8.6.2 Foundry 2.0.1 Gallery Stack 3.10.0

I have just purchased Gallery Stack 3 to make a portfolio site using Foundry.

Gallery stack only offers one grid option [Bootstrap 4(Foundry)] in the dropdown menu.

The option I specifically require is the masonry grid.

With the bootstrap 4 option selected the select lightbox option doesn’t work either.

Any Suggestions


You can use any of those grids and do not have to use the Foundry one…

Hi Jan,

thank for the reply.

The issue is that the other options do not appear in the drop down menu and so are unavailable to me.

works fine here… you can send me your project file if you want to…

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Works fine for me. See screenshot below. Click to see larger version. Are you Really not seeing these other options? If you don’t see the same thing, then please provide a screenshot so we can see more fully what’s going on with your screen.

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Here’s what I see


Uninstalled and reinstalled now works as expected.


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Glad it got resolved. Gallery 3 is a wonderful stack and works with everything I know of. Certainly works nicely with Foundry! Hope you enjoy using it!


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