Gallery 3 Stack vs Photo Stack

I am building my RW pages with Stacks and Foundry and have some challenges, as I prefer designing from scratch, instead of change the templates to meet my needs.
I am having some email pages issues, but I’ll save that for another post.

For now, I’d like to know which of the two are the best to use, they both cost about the same, but I don’t feel I need to buy by and regret that I did, and than have to waste money and time and buy the other, and may not be satisfied, so I’d like to know your LIKES and DISLIKES/Pros, Cons.

Thank you in advance.

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If you have detailed presales questions, let me know. Cheers, Jannis

Why not add ProGallery to your comparison too?

There is a FREE demo version to download, so you can fully experiment with what the stack can do.

The update towards the end of 2018 added lots of new features. So if you have not looked at ProGallery recently, you might want to take a second look at it.

ProGallery is Foundry compatible.



Here is the Foundry Demo of Gallery Stack:

You can choose from:

  • 10 grid components
  • 7 lightboxes
  • 5 sliders
  • Different import sources like stack images, FTP folder, Apple iCloud, Adobe Behance, Total CMS, Pulse CMS, Armadillo

Of course if you don’t need all that awesome bells and whistles, you can choose a Stack with less functionality :wink:



It’s a hard one…
That’s why I got both of them and haven’t regretted it at all.
Depending on what you want to do and how often you’ll be wanting to use them
they both are very good and definitely not a waste of money.
I have some projects where I use pro gallery for the welcome page and gallery 3 for the albums in other pages…etc.

Like I said: I love both of them

Oops: Gallery3 and Pro Gallery is what I meant…didn’t read the title right :upside_down_face:


Likewise, I have both G3 and ProGallery and use both equally. No idea what Photo stack is.

There are certain applications where G3 is the better fit and other times when PG works best. There is certainly some overlap with the two products, but enough features are unique to each to warrant owning both. Plus, they come from devs who are worth supporting, who actively take part on the RW community and who help people not only when it’s only about their own products.


Just been enjoying your photos of Lake District. Haystacks, Red Pike, The Bridge at Buttermere. Love it.

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Well, I’ve got my work cut for me and decisions still to conquer.
Pages that I want to build are:

  • Board of Directors and Officers, with captions
  • Photogallery with captions

I’ll take a look at the FREE demo’s and see if I will buy both or not, but I will buy one of them today.

Yes, I have foundry…thank you.

I’ll put in a vote for Gallery 3. Jannis is constantly updating and answering requests to improve it. (Certainly not a knock on Photo, just that Gallery 3 is actively evolving). I’ve heard lots of good things about Will’s ProGallery (and there’s a demo, so might as well try it out).

Hi Basswow,
Well, I am working on the demo of Pro Gallery, and it isn’t as user friendly as I had hoped…so let me see see how the demo is for Gallery 3.


…sorry just saw your post about the gallery with captions…both mentioned Stacks can do that.

Your best bet is to try Gallery 3 as well and get in touch with Jannis @instacks

But also before you give up on Pro Gallery consult @willwood he can definitely lead you in the right direction.

Both, Jannis and Will are some of the best!!! Addon developers you’ll find…
…and like I said, I use both Stacks :man_shrugging:t4:

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What is not user friendly for you? As of writing this, my inbox is empty. I have not received any details from you.

I’m sensing you are new to Stacks and RapidWeaver. I would definitely recommend you spend some time reviewing the introductory tutorials for Stacks and RapidWeaver, before you begin the process of buying addons:

Otherwise I fear it is going to become an expensive, time consuming and possibly frustrating process for you.

All stacks work in much the same way. It’s rare that one is typically harder to use than another, and sometimes where a single concept might be harder to understand, you might find it affords greater flexibility in the longer run.


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