Which stack to display pictures do you recommend and why?

I still miss the ultimate gallery stack, which was perfect for me and does not work with stacks3 anymore.

Now i am working on a new project with a big picture-page and lots of pics.
The project will be done with foudation.

Trying different stacks by now and can not decide which one to use.
Foundation Clearing Gallery gives some issues with the grid when using horizontal and vertical pictures.
Montage2 by Doobox is nice as well as Gallery3 by instacks.

Which one do you prefer and why?

Thanks for any acvice.

Didn’t pro gallery replace ultimate?

Pro Gallery gives the same issues in the grid as foundation clearing gallery.
Both can not handle pics of different sizes i.e. horizontal vs. vertical pictures.

@Barbara: I don’t think you’re correct re: horizontal vs. vertical pictures with Pro Gallery. To make both kinds work together. you’ll need to select Masonry Grid for the “grid type”.

This is what it looks like with “masonry grid”:

@Barbara Then something is “off” in your settings. I would check the various options very carefully. Also, when you republished did you clear your cache and reload first? If not the page might be bringing up the old or default settings. All I can say is I don’t experience the same problem you are having. (I suppose there could be a theme conflict, but I doubt it.)

Attached is a screenshot of my thumbnail grid settings. This may be useful (or not).

@Barbara You can also PM me and send some of your photos (a few horizontal, a few vertical) so I can test them out with ProGallery. It’s unlikely to be a problem with the photos themselves, but me testing would be one way to eliminate the images themselves as a possible problem.

hi, this what i get when i use the default settings, i didn’t have as many pictures as you though. The pro gallery stack is inside a 1 foundation column

Another possible problem may occur if you have not been updating your stacks. ProGallery is currently at 1.4. Some of the updates have addressed earlier problems with the masonry grid layout.


That was the point!
I allways update regullary, but the demo stack does not!
I deleted it and installed new an now i have a completly other design!
Looks interesting and i will try out all the options!