Gallery stack / slideshow


On the following website I saw a very nice gallery:

I searched on the internet but I’m not able to find anything similar to this.
I use Foundry as theme and you can choose with the build in gallery a ‘featured image’. But this one is not responsive so you cannot scroll through the images. Gallery Stack 3 with the slick slider would be a nice option but it doesn’t fit well on my iPhone and you cannot make the displayed image full screen.

Does someone know something that comes close to example on the website?


Hi, Steffan,

Are you sure you want a gallery like that one? In my opinion, it is not the best option, because you have to scroll up and down all the time when you want to change the image to be viewed (this becomes a problem when you have more than few images in that gallery). Better choice is to have images open in a lightbox and use Previous/Next navigation, with an option to display thumbnails of all images along the bottom of the lightbox.

Of course, there are tons of different galleries from different developers with tons of features and styles. Everyone has his/her favored one. Mine is Photo from Nick Cates, but you should check them all out.

It would be quite good to find something similar to Steffan’s choice which worked along the lines of the Google image search, which places the larger view (albeit not big enough in this example) in adjacent to the chosen thumbnail. Anyone know if such a thing exists?

Something like this? Superbox.

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That should do it :+1:



Thank you very much for the responses.
I think superbox is the perfect way to show the pictures! :ok_hand: