ISO Photo Gallery Stack like Photo Album Pro with Unlimited slides


I am in search of a photon gallery stack that allows me to place portrait images in and the stack will let me size them to fit the page. I can use Photo Album Pro but it limits me to 25 local images. I need images that cover the page–not thumbnails. Any suggestions?

Many thanks,
Traci Slatton

Hi Traci,
I think I know a stack, where you are able to get a layout like you want, but maybe you could elaborate a bit more how it should like in detail.
Best regards, Jannis

Hi Jannis,
Thanks for responding.

I make my husband’s websites. See

I don’t want to use the Photographos themes anymore, I’d like to move over to Foundation.

So I need a gallery that can handle portrait images. It doesn’t necessarily need to have a thumbnail strip beneath it.


Have you looked at Photo by Nick Cates??

HI Robert,

Thanks for responding.

I need the lightbox to stay open, so the large image is always shown.

Any ideas?



I don’t think you will be able to match that layout with Foundation and a Lightbox Gallery up to 100%.
In addition, it is more a slider / carousel than a lightbox.

Have a look at the Royal Slider demo at bottom of this page. Background can be set to black also.

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