Armadillo is great but

The documentation is a wee bit sparse. Can anybody help with these issues?
I’m using the current version of RW, Stacks, ElCapitan, Safari, Theme=Flood from themeflood

  1. Headline Blog - I put an Armadillo Headline Blog on a stacks page. It shows the Headlines for the selected blog but clicking on the “read more” doesn’t do anything.

  2. Return Button - Is there a way to insert a button so that when a user selects a post from a blog there is a button to return to the blog page? I know “Private Eyes” can do this but the download link for this stack has been disabled.

  3. Headline Blog thumbnail - Is there a way to create a thumbnail to display with each Headline?

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PrivateEyes now belongs to SeyDesign, which was taken over by Will Woodgate. Here is the link to product page. You can download free demo to see if it’s right for you.

As to the issues with Armadillo, have you checked out this page? If it does not answer all your questions, I would contact Jonathan directly. He is a very helpful guy…

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Thanks for the response. I have poured through the documentation you linked and also all the posts here referring to Armadillo. I have contacted Jonathon on several issues, but was hoping to bother him less and also get useful information into the forum where others could benefit. I believe the product is fantastic and am using it extensively on my site. I had hoped that my issues were so basic that many forum members would be able to advise me. I’ll check with Jonathon and provide an update.

@clawmd I use PrivateEyes for what you want to accomplish and it works very well. There may be another way to accomplish the same result but I don’t know of it.

Regarding the Headline Blog: that works perfectly fine for me. I click on “read more” or on blog title and it takes me to the correct blog post. … however it is crucial that you have put in a URL for the specific blog within your Armadillo admin area online. Each blog (even if only one) has a setting where you can insert the basic url. If you don’t do that then I believe it will still show the headline but not know exactly where to take you.

As for the thumbnail question: I’m not sure exactly what you are asking. Can you give an example or more description? I believe the answer to your question is “no” but I’m not entirely sure.