Rapidweaver Blog: warn the visitors about GDPR

When using a Stack page I use Biscuit Box 3 to warn the visitors about GDPR (dsgvo), data protection and privacy. [ https://barth-partners.com/pub/it/stacks/biscuit-box/ ]

I want to create a website with only a Blog page.
How can I warn visitors on a website with only a Blog page?

I take it you’re using a built-in RW blog page. The obvious answer is to use one of the many stacks-based blogs. The great advantage of these is that you can blog wherever you are, even from your phone.

I’d suggest getting away from the standard RW blog page as Peter mentioned. Your best bet may be to use the Poster stack. Very flexible, easy to incorporate Bisquit Box. I’m assuming you don’t need/want to blog from outside of RW (e.g. via a web interface). If i’m wrong then there are a number of other good options available to you.

Here’s a link to Poster:

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I don’t think the delivered blog page would need cookies to work, does it? It’s only if you put something like Google analytics on the page.

I agree with @Mathew you would probably be better off with poster stack. But if you want to stick with the Realmac blog page, you could leave the analytics off. Unfortunately, Realmac hasn’t addressed any GDRP issues with RW7 and apparently has no plans until RW8 (paid upgrade) is released.
Not sure if they plan on fixing this issue or not.

@ Peter, Mathew and Doug

I have now purchased the Poster stack on your advice and are going to use it.
Thanks for your advice


You won’t be disappointed.

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The great thing about Poster is it’s super flexible. You can do almost anything with it design-wise.

The downside is it’s hugely flexible! :slight_smile: Be patient and learn it bit by bit. Some of us can also provide examples if you need it. (Including some helpful CSS code for some special cases.)

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Mathew, has a good tutorial on Vimeo on poster:

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@Mathew @teefers Thanks for your support :+1:

@Hugo Thanks for your purchase, let me know if you have questions. I hope you have fun with it.

Doug: I completely forgot I had made that video! Nice catch.


Now I’m using the Poster stack to all satisfaction, but I do have a question about the archive style.
How can I adapt the words Categories & Archives to Dutch?

I’m not sure I can help you with that one. I’m using Foundry and the titles for Categories and Archives are NOT created by Poster, but added in by me as header text. So it’s very easy to switch to whatever language I want to use.

Are you using a regular theme? Which one?

I’m sure @instacks can help you with this request.

Poster Stack does not interfere with the translations. That’s a theme setting.

Please try different archive styles.

If you don’t succeed, send me an email:

Best, Jannis

This works for me:
#blog-categories .sub-title:after{ content: “Categorie”; }
#blog-archives .sub-title:after{ content: “Archief”; }

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