General Question (Nav and resources files)

I have 3 pdf forms to be downloaded upon clicking on the associated name in the dropdown parent nav. menu, (pdf files are stored in the resources). How can I do that?

There are a few ways to do this. Perhaps the easiest is to zip each PDF (right-click on file in finder and select “compress”). Then upload the Zip file (or Zipped folder) to a folder at your hosting area. For example, create a folder named “warehouse” and upload there. You’ll need an FTP app such as Cyberduck (free), Transmit, Forklift.

Zip files are automatically downloaded by all browsers.

Thanks @Mathew will try that!

… and I forgot to say: you’ll need to copy the full URL of the uploaded files and then use that within RW. Most FTP apps provide a way for you to easily copy the relevant URL.

sure, @Mathew thank you!

From a ‘user-experience’ point of view, I wonder if you’d want to have a seperate page (i.e. ‘Forms’) and link to all the pdfs/zips from there. Or maybe a download icon alongside the menu names maybe?

I say this because users might not know that they’re downloading something by clicking on a menu item (and may not want to) and mobile users may not be able to use the zip files.

Just something to consider

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@jabostick are you reading my mind! :slight_smile: I was just thinking about that!

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In addition it’s much simpler to maintain one page with a set of downloads (you might add more later on) than using the menu approach. And I agree: using menu navigation for downloads will be confusing to most folks.

@Mathew initially I did that, then I thought to be more creative (I guess better to stick to a familiar approach !)

The problem I found with PDF/zip files is when users are on an iPhone or iPad - it creates all sorts of problems! In the end I used PDF’s, stored on GoogleDrive and made Public then embedded in a RW page.

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@DaveFox thank you for your recommendation and input!

Thank you @benb for your informative reply!