Openable PDFs in Rapidweaver

(Cathie Turner) #1

Best way to add a pdf that people can open and print in Rapidweaver. Using Foundation. Tried PDF embed but that doesn’t seem to allow opening the PDF. Would like to keep the pdf in Resources. Thoughts?

(Mathew Mitchell) #2

Why not just create a link so they can download the PDF to their computer? Then they can print out. You could do this with a button, a link, whatever you want. Keep as a PDF if you want them to view on their browser, or create a zipped version so it will auto-download.

(Cathie Turner) #3

Thats way too easy - works like a charm. Thanks for making it easy.


(Joe Martin) #4

Really any file you want a person to download…just compress it and it will download with a link…as long as it is a .zip file.

(Mathew Mitchell) #5

Glad that works for you!

(chuck berhain) #6

I am using Offroad, not Foundation, but I keep both a “Display in Browser” button and a “download” button for some magazine articles. When using the “Display in Browser” button while editing in RW, the article is displayed but doesn’t appear to allow printing, but after publishing, the article is printable from Safari. Yes, I keep the .PDF in Resources, and also the ZIP for downloading. If I switch my theme to Foundation to test, the article opens and reacts the same. Which browser are you testing with? Could it be that simple. Just asking. If I remember, there is a warning that the browser must be able to display .PDF’s.

(system) #7

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