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An anyone recommend a stack that will let a form (from resources) download into a new page. Tried using image stack - can’t click on it. PDF embed also can’t be downloaded as far as I can tell. Thanks.

Downloaded or opened in a new tab?

If you want to force a download, zip the file and put it in resources then if you are using an image for a link, link the image to that zip file.

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This do what you want? -

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I just warehouse the PDF file on the server and make a link on the page to that PDF file. You could put it in resources too if you wanted.

The link could either be text of an image of the document. Not sure what you mean when you say you couldn’t make it work with an image stack.

Thanks - I just needed to be more persistent. But I have a follow up question. There must be a way to get the latest version of a website you are working on rather than clearing caches all the time. Do you know how?

You will need to clear the cache somehow to get the latest versions. If your using Safari and have the developer menu on (advanced settings) you can shortcut the clear cache with acmd+opt+E. Chrome has some plugins available that add a single button to clear the cache.

Try a different browser. iCab allows various settings including clearing caches on closing the browser. There must be others that do similar?

Thanks for the cab suggestion. Have heard good things about it but never used it.

Cathie Turner

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