Generating Website Hits


Forgive me, as I’m new at this, but I’m looking for advice on driving website traffic. Can anyone recommend any RapidWeaver compatible websites or books, or do I need a plugin or stack?

And help would be greatly appreciated.

Not RapidWeaver but you can accomplish this with your RapidWeaver site and

To paraphrase someone else.

  1. Create great content
  2. Tell people about it.
  3. Do it again

That may sound flippant but I’ve always thought it was great advice.


Of course the trick is how to tell others, professionally and in large numbers. That is what is all about – syndication and sharing with others of like mind.

Content, content, and content and they will come… Add something MEANINGFUL (for your target audience) every day and make sure your pages are setup well for search engines… Keep site maps up to date and accurate (for the se’s), and pay as much attention to those “unseen” things as you do your “seen” things (meta data, etc.) -

Remember, your website is like a sign for your business. You’ve still got to find ways to get people to come by and check you out. You can use social media, ad buys, cross-linking from other posts, etc. There’s no magic solution.

And, as the other have said, keep you content coming! Give people a reason to stay and to come back.

Thanks to all for the great tips! Much appreciated:grinning:

A client shared this link with me earlier in the week:

A very interesting read about the power of email marketing and referrals. Possibly there is some advice and ideas you can take from this article, if you’ve got a start-up.

Quality content is a priority - words, pictures, video etc. Imagine you are talking face-to-face with a person and talking about something you are passionate about. That’s what you need to relay through your website.

Some of my favourite websites are a complete jumble of layout and are very ugly in appearance. But the content is always fresh and captivates me, and that’s why I bookmark them and keep going back. I simply can’t get the same content elsewhere.