German posts on English pages?

Why do German language posts show up in the “New” post category on this RW Forum? They should be under a non-English section of the Forum. Conversely, English posts on the German language page would also not make sense.

Just wondering … danke.

The forum is one whole system, it has smaller sections, but they are all in one big forum. It has been this way for a while now.

Looks like I need to brush up on my German!

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You can mute them in your profile. At the bottom of the profile page (where you set your name and picture) you can mute German, Italian and/or French categories. If the post is categorized correctly it won’t show up on new posts.


In the prefs you can set up which things are tracked, watched, muted, etc. It’s pretty handy. I’ve set German and Italian to be muted. I speak English and French so I keep those active. Hopefully my other international friends will give me a nudge if need be.

Just don’t ask me how to find these prefs. It’s a herculean effort of clicking on unlabeled icons until it finally comes up.

also: i miss nice custom RSS feeds. those were so great. so easy to follow. :disappointed_relieved:


Its not hard to get to click on your icon at the top left and click on the gear box:

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