Neues deutschsprachiges Forum / New german forum

(Matthias Ficht) #1

Joe Workman hat in seinem “Weaver’s Space” nun auch einen Bereich für Diskussionen und Erfahrungsaustausch in deutscher Sprache eingerichtet: Willkommen!

Joe Workman now has created a “space” inside his “Weaver’s Space” for german-speaking users.

(Brad Halstead) #2


No offence man, but I personally don’t think a post like this appropriate on Realmac’s RapidWeaver forum.


(Matthias Ficht) #4

@Turtle Not at all, Brad. In the old RapidWeaver forums there’s been a german (and italian etc.) sub-forum with a big german user-base with a lot of discussions going on. After that forum has been closed there’s never been again a group for non-english-speaking users. And when some german users who needed help tried to post in this forum here in german language, their posts got deleted. So it’s not inappropriate but only fair to point the german users to Joe’s forum. Not being able to discuss problems in the mother language is for sure frustrating for many users, who don’t speak english good enough. And when they’re frustrated and left alone, they’ll probably leave that platform some day. But it’s just the opposite what we all here want, right? So I think it’s fine to inform those users that they have a place again where they can discuss in their mother language.

(Mathew Mitchell) #5

@RapidBase I’m with you. I don’t speak one word of German, but it’s obvious to see the need for such a discussion group. Not sure why your post was considered inappropriate in the first place. It’s not like there is competition between products. It helps RealMac, and it helps sell more RapidWeaver licenses, if folks have a positive and supportive environment. It seems like you are creating just that. Bravo!

(Oscar Schmid) #6


There is already a German forum.

Link is pinned at the top in the area RapidWeaver.

It is therefore not necessary to open a second forum.
I also find it a pity that the community here is distributed to various forums.

(Matt Wilson) #7

I believe this a good opportunity to see if the Realmac team is willing to leverage the translation feature set built into the discourse forums.

(Brad Halstead) #8

@RapidBase, @zeebe, @Mathew

Oh, I understand the need for multi-language forum bases for sure, without question.

The problems I see are:

  1. People not fluent in the language(s) offered may not receive beneficial information if an issue is resolved in the German section but English people don’t understand German as an example (conversely the opposite is true). You all do a FABULOUS job providing support here in the forum and the whole community benefits from that without question. I applaud you for converting your mother tongue assistance for us other users to benefit.

  2. I guess, it all comes down to perspective. Joe’s new site is nice, I’ve visited on occasion just to check things out but there are only so many places I can visit in a day. I applaud Joe for taking on the task, however, I still think that this forum is THE RapidWeaver support Forum and it does offer a German forum. although it isn’t used much… which is not a fault of Realmac Software.

  3. How many support forums does the community need? I’m just wondering why everyone seems to want to go off on their own using whatever forum platform they decide… it makes for a very fragmented community and support suffers, users suffer, information exchange suffers, etc… One place, one source for support make for a more bonded community, a more informed community and less troubleshooting (I already see the same question asked in multiple forums… what benefit is that?)

Just my opinions, and just like butts, everyone has one :slight_smile: was just expressing mine.


(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #9

Hey Oscar, just have to ask, where is this pinned? I went to the RapidWeaver area of the forums and I do not see that pinned anywhere. Just trying to make things more available to people.

(Brad Halstead) #10


In the RapidWeaver forum…

You have to remember you have different access to the forums than most… :wink:


(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #11

Really?? Why do I have different?!?

(Brad Halstead) #12


Because of user access level privileges… (Basic, Member, Regular and Leader, may even be a Developer one that I don’t see…)

It’s a link to @Oscar’s German support forum… but again, an offsite forum… :frowning:


(Matthias Ficht) #13

@Turtle You said “I still think that this forum is THE RapidWeaver support Forum and it does offer a German forum.” Right and wrong: THIS is indeed THE official RW support Forum, no question. But it doesn’t offer a german forum as it did some years ago. So there’s obviously a need for those non-english speaking users for such a forum. And no, the already existing german forum is not Oscars forum but Michaels. But that’s nitpicking. :wink: The fact is that it’s only a small scale forum in technical aspects. And that the new (or additional) german forum is embedded in Joes Weaver’s Space is just fine, since in this forum here this doesn’t seem to be possible. So, everything’s goode in the end for all involved, right? :rolling_eyes:

(Michael M.) #14

It’s not Oscar’s forum, it’s a German RapidWeaver forum on “my” website. But Oscar is the most active member in that forum, thanks to Oscar.

I can only repeat what I wrote months before:

The place for discussions about RapidWeaver is here, even for discussions in the home language of the users. The German user were the largest non English user group in the old forum and so there should be an place for discussions in German. For me it was an unfriendly act to delete German posts without any comment and not to accept posts in German. As a consequence a lot of German users felt banned by Realmac. By opening a RapidWeaver forum in German language on my own website I offered a temporarily solution but it was never thought as a final thing.

I respect Joe’s initiative to offer a second forum in German language but this is the wrong way to even more fragmentation. And RapidWeaver does not has the relevance or importance that allow such fragmentation. Realmac is not Microsoft or Apple and RapidWeaver ist not Word or Photoshop. Discussions about RapidWeaver should be made here, and there should be a place for discussions in German language.

At the end let me point @joeworkman at this: Germany is not Bavaria, Beer, Dirndl and Gamsbart. Sorry.

(Brad Halstead) #15

Thank you @apfelpuree and @RapidBase for the correction :blush: sorry for assuming it was @Oscar’s…

I just see it as so fragmented right now that’s all (not good for the user base at all!), I was kind of hoping this would be the year where the RapidWeaver Community would continue to evolve, improve and be THE source for support (subject to other languages) for all things RapidWeaver.

I understand the need for developers to have their own support methods for their products and I am behind that 100% but for general RW stuff, people should be directed to this forum imho (again, subject to language barriers).

Anyway, as I said in the beginning, just expressing my opinion, have nothing else to say in the matter as I was not calling anyone out or down for what they do in the slightest other than posting to a competing forum of RMS.

:hearts: all around man!


(Matthias Ficht) #16

@Turtle Full ack! :heart: all around man! :slight_smile: My last words: You’re saying “I’m just wondering why everyone seems to want to go off on their own using whatever forum platform they decide… it makes for a very fragmented community”. Hmm, but these “decentralized” forums (Michaels and Joes) are only a result of the fact that it doesn’t seem (technically?) possible to have groups in other languages (german, italian etc.) in this main forum here, right?

Best, Matthias

(Oscar Schmid) #17

Perhaps, you have unpinned the german forum. Every user can do this.

(Oscar Schmid) #18

… but each developer can open his own forum, many did this already in the past.
But I noticed, that I do not often visit these forums, because they were too tight in the threads.
When Joe does so, this is something different, he has a huge range of tools.

I wish Joe a lot of success with his new forum.

I hope that this Realmac forum does not suffer due to the competition.

(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #19

Nope, did not unpin it. I think it is sad that there are different levels of what people can see. I had answered questions in the other language forums in the past with help of Google Translate and I remember a lot of people getting help that way so I would NEVER have unpinned that myself.

(Brad Halstead) #20


I can’t see forums that Dev’s have access to as an example. But as for the rest of the ‘levels’, they just grant permissions to do different things on the forum like move posts, recategorized posts, etc… nothing is blocked from view to every user other than some private forums for specific reasons.

Have you logged out closed the browser and logged back in? That’s how I see it pinned, otherwise, it takes a day or two between forum access for the pinned post to re-appear.

Hope that clears it up


(Oscar Schmid) #21

When I am logged out, I see this. The same like all other users, not logged in.
When I am logged in, I can pin/unpin a pinned thread.

I know nothing of different views of the various visitors!