Getting image to align with text in left floating text stack

I have just started working with stacks and have a left floating stack that has an image that is both crowded by the type and that doesn’t align with the left side of the type that wraps around it. How can I make an adjustment to make this look better>

The fact you are using an unordered list wrapped around the image is likely to have a big bearing on this, especially on the alignment of the text underneath the image. Your theme will apply styling to the list that makes a difference to this, as well as that applied to images.

It’s worth trying the padding and margin settings for the left floating stack, if not then I would be applying margin/padding to images using custom CSS to see if that helps - the following applies padding all around the images.

.imageStyle {padding: 10px}

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Thanks. Margin and padding didn’t cut it. Will move onto Custom CSS.

Actually just killed the bulleted list formatting and all is well. Thanks!