Padding the floating image

In the left/right floating image stack, I find that the text generally wraps too close to the image and in particular the heading (first sentence of the text) is much too close to the image when viewed on mobile (the image appears at the top and the text starts immediately below it). I would really like to be able to add padding to the floating image, or failing that, a transparent border (a solid colour border is no good for me). It appears not be possible - or am I missing something?

Are you using Stacks 2 or Stacks 3?

I have updated to Stacks 3.

You could try pasting this in the CSS tab of the Page Inspector:

.stacks_float_left {

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Very helpful - thanks!!

Two others worth playing with:

.centered_image {
     padding:20px; /*padding all-round*/
     margin:20px; /*margin all-round*/
     /*depending upon which works better for you*/

This might affect any other images on your page as well, as might .stacks_float_left{}.

Appreciate this is an an ancient post but you can actually select the image box in edit mode and adjust padding and margin in the normal way when using the ‘float’ stack - no CSS required.