Global CSS breaks when using minify

I’m still having issues with minify in RW7: if I turn it on, I lose my global CSS, meaning it has to be put on each and every individual pages… anyone found a fix?

@Kevin_Atkins can you send us a project that shows this behaviour please? You can zip it up and email it to

Let them know I sent you, and they’ll make sure it gets over to me.

I’ll try. This is a BIG project – 410.1MB – I kid you not!

I’ll wetransfer it and see what happens.

Cheers Simon.

@Kevin_Atkins does it happen if you create a new project with the same theme? If you can make it happen in a project with a single page, that’d be amazing.

I’ll take a look. The project has evolved over a few years, so I’ll see if a virgin project does the same and post back.

Didn’t take long after all: email a single-page sample of the project.

Fingers crossed.

For anyone else following along with this, it looks like there’s an issue with RapidWeaver’s minifier when you spread @media queries across multiple lines.

So if you’re doing this:

@media screen 
and (min-device-width: 400px){

Remove the line break:

@media screen and (min-device-width: 400px){

We’ll try and get it fixed up for the next release of RapidWeaver. Thanks for helping diagnose the issue, @Kevin_Atkins :slight_smile:


Cool: thanks for your help Simon: so simple yet I was at a complete loss!

I’ve fixed this, and all seems fine now. Hope you can figure an easy fix.

Thanks again for your help.