Publishing or Exporting Problem

Really would like some help. RapidWeaver won’t Publish, Re-Publish All Files or Export my entire site “in one go.” It freezes on random pages and the app becomes unresponsive. Once frozen I have to Quite or Force Quit RapidWeaver. I can, however, Publish/ Export my projects page-by-page, but this is tiresome.

I have tried all the “good old fashioned” ways of resolving the issue. I’ve tried deleting a few pages. Namely, the ones where RapidWeaver freezes on. I’ve Duplicated my Project File. All to no success.

Hopefully I am not alone. Does anyone know of a workaround or experiencing the same problems?

What type of pages? Blog? Stacks? My large blog takes over 8 minutes to export. I’m discussing with support now in ongoing emails and providing sample files… but at least it does export.

I found out the problem now. I saw this Post by manofdogz and UltimateJim’s reply. Turned off “Minify CSS and Javascript” and now it exports, as per normal.

It is a large site, but not what I would call extremely large. The site comprises of Stacks, FormLoom3, RapidMaps and the usual Plugins made by RapidWeaver (i.e. Blog and Site Map). The theme I am using is Elixir Graphic’s Ruby Theme.

All works well now, however, I still do not understand the reasoning behind it crashing. Maybe it’s too much for RapidWeaver. 1611mac: Have you tried turning off “Minify CSS and Javascript”?

I don’t run with “Minify” on but good work finding your resolution.


I just read your thread “Publishing or Exporting Problem”

Can i ask how you turnoff and on “Minify CSS and Javascript”

Many thanks.


“Settings” in left page panel… “General” > “Advanced” (in RW7)

Hi 1611mac,

Many thanks. Found it.

All the best