Site export problems following CSS and javascript minify

I have a fairly large site (23MB / 1400 files) which I upgraded from RW6 to RW7. After doing the ‘minify CSS and Javascript’ SEO healthcheck operation, the project no longer exports - usually hangs around 1/2 way through. Prior to the ‘minify’ operation, the site exported and published without problem. Anyone else have this issue and any idea where to look for a solution?. It uses Abstract theme (Elixir Graphics) lots of stacks and everything is up to date.

Rapid Weaver recommends that for large pages. I had a page with 125 podcast, with “Minify CSS and Javascript” no export.
Switching off the “Minify CSS and Javascript” in the Advanced Setting, is the only way. May be it is changing with 7.10.

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sorry to be dumb but where are the advanced settings in RW7?

forget that - found them!

Thank you for this - worked perfectly. I didn’t realise that once the minify CSS and JS had been done it could be undone so that’s good news. Has not been a problem on my other sites to date but this large one definitely had a number of issues.