RW 8 publish all files again, after small changes

(Frank Land) #1

Hello, i had the same problem in the beginning with RW7, and here it is again RW publish all files again after small changes. How to fix this?

(Greg Schneck) #2

If your change affects no other pages (navigation, etc) just use single page publishing… right click on the page (in left page pane) and “publish page.”

(Frank Land) #3

Ok, that’s a fix, but it does not fix the bug that when I change something on the blog all pages are shown as changed (in left page pane).

(Don Sinclair) #4

Wow, RapidWeaver 8 is far from ready for prime time. It keeps uploading every blog file when I make a single change. Am I missing something in settings or what? And images keep disappearing from the app, not uploading at all and I have to recompose a blog item to get them back. And it does not play nice with Facebook either, Single item images are replaced by the main logo for the site and now have to be manually added to each Facebook post when publishing a permanent link.

What a mess. How can I stop this madness that is eating up my bandwidth like crazy?

(Frank Land) #5

Turn off Minify CSS and Tidy Website links work for me.

(Doug Bennett) #6

It’s not clear what you changed ?

(Frank Land) #7

Turn off Minify CSS and Tidy Website Links, i had to do it with RW7 too.

(Doug Bennett) #8

Just curious have you tried just turning off one at a time? Might help isolate what is causing the problem.

(Don Sinclair) #9

Where is this located, cannot find it???

Never mind, found it. Thanks for the tip.

(Don Sinclair) #10

Alas this did not work for me, still uploads every file.

And another update a few hours ago did nothing.

Very frustrating to have such a major flaw in a brand new release. Time for RW to rethink this build.

(system) #11

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