GO CMS dropped by Yabdab?

Anyone know if Go CMS is being dropped by @yabdab and if so 1) Why? and 2) What is longer term support looking like?

Whilst the support pages are still in place, the product has quietly slipped off the Yabdab website p- hence my concern.

Despite a few quirks I have found this to be a very useful and user-friendly CMS - with good blogging capability also! The clients I have using it are all very happy with it’s simplicity. Will be very disappointed if it’s on it’s way to the Rapidweaver dustbin :frowning:

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I noticed that as well. According to Mike, he’s shelving development while he works on other things. “It still works well and I am still supporting all current owners.”

So, shame it’s not being developed for now but good existing users haven’t been abandoned.

I bought 1LD’s Quick Editor Admin as a pseudo-replacement backup option and still use Sentry on a couple of sites, but there’s nothing out there that matches the blog layout of GoCMS, that isn’t a per domain price.


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That’s a relief. I like the interface of the 1LD editor but the blog is a real winner in Go CMS. There are a few quirks - like not being able to convert text to lists directly, and I find formatting is quite easy to screw up. Nevertheless it’s a goody.

Yes, there are definite quirks aren’t there? And it’s a shame the Modern layout of the blog works in a different way to the other layouts, but it’s still a nice solution and there’s nothing quite like it out there at the moment.


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