Whatever happened to "sentry*?

hallo everybody kind enough to watch and read :slight_smile:through an entry in the forum my curiosity got piqued about the “sentry” stack as a simple and easy to use (for the client!!!) cms possibility. i tried to find it on @willwood 's site but no luck… anybody know something about it?
thanks as usual, tomas


Hello Tomas,

The Sentry stack has been moved from Nimblehost over onto the new seyDesign website. You can find the page here. This move has been done as part of the recent acquisition.

Sentry is possibly one of the easiest CMS stacks to setup (within the self hosted category) for RapidWeaver. This stack will create its own database. From a client perspective, I would consider the stack to be fully “client proof” in that there’s little that the client can break! So it could be very pleasant for you to setup and easy for you clients to use.

I’m about to begin a large project of my own, to move a business website for a client from Wix back to RapidWeaver. I intend to use Sentry to make key parts of website fully editable for them - like their recent projects page and events page.

Updates for the Sentry stack are due very shortly. I’m in the process of debugging an issue that causes login and the styled text editor controls to not show in some RapidWeaver themes and rebranding the stack from Nimblehost to seyDesign. The licensing is also being relaxed, so you can buy the stack once and use it on as many domains as you want.

IMO it’s a fantastic CMS stack for RapidWeaver, for the rest of us that want something plain and simple. I will be producing new documentation for it and promoting the stack far more over the next few weeks.

You can contact me direct if you have any further questions about Sentry.



The last release of Sentry had a lot of promise and I’m delighted that Will’s taking it on. I’m sure he’ll do a great job with it.


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thanks everybody for the good news!!!

I would also like to call out that @willwood is one of those awesome developers who provides free demos of his products. This allows you to test whether it will work for you before you buy. Kudos for @willwood for being willing to do this!

will woodgate is the best, no doubt!!!

I’ll be getting it soon as well with the price and ability to do multiple domains you’ve got me sold! Thanks Will

I’ve got Sentry and find it a very useful stack. Pleased that Will is looking after it and developing it in the future. As others have said it’s very easy to set-up.