Go to top of page and Split theme, how make it?

Split theme in RW 6 and RapidCart 3, how do I, add, in the program to display the “up” button? If the page with stacks, it is clear, for this is, for example, stack Elevator (from JW), and as the plugin page to add, how?

Sorry for my English.

Hi @Wondrous - what’s the “up button”? Is this coming from a Stack?

Button that appears at the bottom of the page (usually the right), when clicked, takes you to the very top of the page.
In some themes, it is built in the settings you can disable it. But how to do it using RapidCart 3 plugin? This is not a page with stacks, the stack with a similar function are not set.

Perhaps the English translation is not quite clear shows the essence of the question, I do not know.

Found a solution for this, but with the plugin RapidCart 3 very buggy, program (RW 6) itself permanently closed.