What is the easiest way to make constant top menu?

(Saran Maitreewech) #1

I’ve got Stack 3.0 but have no idea how to make top menu be there all the time (not scrolled down). Thanks in advance!

(Marten Claridge ) #2

Hi Saran,

It depends on the theme you’re using, whether that functionality is built in. If you’re using Freestack or Foundation, or any of the one-page stacks themes, then you’ll likely find they have Fixed Navigation/Fixed Menu modules you can use to fix the menu to the top of the page.

Which theme are you using?


(Saran Maitreewech) #3

Thank you Marten. I’m quite new to RapidWeaver. Just a 5th version user and upgrade to 6th overnight. For my experience, I have used only themes given with 5th version. Do you please name a theme with fixed one? Actually I want quick page with no fancy for now. Thanks for your time.

(Saran Maitreewech) #4

By the way, if I am to use Foundation, I have to install Stack 3.0 first, right?

(Marten Claridge ) #5

If you have Stacks 3, yes, install it.

Yuzool’s Split theme, which comes with RW6, has a fixed top menu.


(Saran Maitreewech) #6

Can’t thank you enough! I appreciate your kindness, Marten!

(Saran Maitreewech) #7

Marten, I have Stacks 3 demo and I know I will buy it for sure. But I see that we’ve got a chance to get Promo Code. Can you tell me how to get the code? Writing email to ask for it from the developer?

(Marten Claridge ) #8

I’m sorry but I don’t know anything about a Promo code… Where have you seen this?


(Saran Maitreewech) #9

Thanks you. It shows in the checkout page. But I already ask the support and he says no :smiley: Just bought the full price and it worths it anyway :wink:

(Diego) #10

If you subscribe the mail list of some web seller (not only Rapidweaver addons sellers) you could get discount codes in certain times of the year: “Easter discount”, “Summer promo”, “Black Friday offer”, and so on.
Sometime I receive discount offers from sellers from whom I purchased themes in the past.

P.S. Black Friday in 2015 is the 27th of November :grinning: