What is the easiest way to make constant top menu?

I’ve got Stack 3.0 but have no idea how to make top menu be there all the time (not scrolled down). Thanks in advance!

Hi Saran,

It depends on the theme you’re using, whether that functionality is built in. If you’re using Freestack or Foundation, or any of the one-page stacks themes, then you’ll likely find they have Fixed Navigation/Fixed Menu modules you can use to fix the menu to the top of the page.

Which theme are you using?


Thank you Marten. I’m quite new to RapidWeaver. Just a 5th version user and upgrade to 6th overnight. For my experience, I have used only themes given with 5th version. Do you please name a theme with fixed one? Actually I want quick page with no fancy for now. Thanks for your time.

By the way, if I am to use Foundation, I have to install Stack 3.0 first, right?

If you have Stacks 3, yes, install it.

Yuzool’s Split theme, which comes with RW6, has a fixed top menu.


Can’t thank you enough! I appreciate your kindness, Marten!

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Marten, I have Stacks 3 demo and I know I will buy it for sure. But I see that we’ve got a chance to get Promo Code. Can you tell me how to get the code? Writing email to ask for it from the developer?

I’m sorry but I don’t know anything about a Promo code… Where have you seen this?


Thanks you. It shows in the checkout page. But I already ask the support and he says no :smiley: Just bought the full price and it worths it anyway :wink:

If you subscribe the mail list of some web seller (not only Rapidweaver addons sellers) you could get discount codes in certain times of the year: “Easter discount”, “Summer promo”, “Black Friday offer”, and so on.
Sometime I receive discount offers from sellers from whom I purchased themes in the past.

P.S. Black Friday in 2015 is the 27th of November :grinning: