GoCMS and pictures that have been removed

(Rob Beattie) #1

I’ve been testing GoCMS recently for use on several client sites. In the process, I’ve uploaded various JPGs to test the image features of the stack and then removed them to try others.

I was having a general tidy up with Yummy FTP and noticed that I have a cmsgo/data/img folder which still contains all of my test pictures - even though I removed them via the CMS.

@yabdab Is this how the CMS is supposed to work? If it is, I wonder if there’s a way of moving images deleted via the CMS to a ‘deleted’ folder so they can be tidied up more easily?



(Yabdab) #2

@robbeattie Might be a permissions issue and the script cannot unset (delete) the file(s)?

I recommend sending in a support ticket so I can investigate further. :wink:

(Rob Beattie) #3

Will do Mike. Thanks.