Go CMS questions

Now that I have Go CMS up and running, I have the following questions about its use:

  1. The “Go Content” stack seems to be just for text stacks. If I want a client to be able to delete and upload a new image, how do I do that?
  2. How do changes that are made online sync with the copy that I have on my Mac? Why won’t everything just get overwritten the next time I publish my files? (When I tested it out by making a change to the text on my map and then publishing, the changes that had been made via Go CMS on a web browser did get wiped out.)
  3. I’m getting an error message now when I publish that I have both index.html and index.php on my server, and that i should remove the redundant file. Should remove the .html file? Will this happen every time I put Go content on a page?


I have answered your support ticket with same questions :grin:

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