Google Maps Cluster integration

Who knows if it is, at the current moment, possible to create this (see image) in RW? Example is clicking on a host on the website presenting a minor popup on the Google Maps Cluster.
I do understand there were recently issues with the Google API as Google changed there policy on that?

I’m not at my Mac right now, but that doesn’t look like Google Maps. It appears to be an image of a map with indicators on it.

You could have a look at instacks open street map

Or HotSpotsPro if you want to try building your own map

Hi Doug,
I just discovered it is from an Opensourse Javascript Library for mobile friendly interactive maps: LeafletJS.

Maybe interesting for a RW developer? I am going to see how far it can get me just being a user.

LeafletJS is used by OpenStreetMap Stack posted above.

Yes, I saw, but seems limited to only 10 flags, whilst I need hundreds clustering and if not more to be unlimited.

Locator stack. I cannot remember if it does clustering, but it certainly lets you search by location and display any number of map pins with brief information and links to other anchors or webpages. No API issues that I have been made aware of. HotsSpotsPro is another solid solution, mentioned already.

I recommend MapBox, which you are also able to use inside OpenStreetMap Stack. That’s a professional Map service, which will allow what you need to do.

Again, your stack is very limited to only 10 markers… I need it to be unlimited and clustering.

Again, you should do that in MapBox, which exactly gives you this flexibility of unlimited(!) markers.

I don’t think you want to add unlimited markers inside a stack.

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