Why does my website title appear in brackets in Google search?

Hi, my site is jdglover. When you search for JD Glover in Google it comes up in brackets like this (www.jdglover.co.uk). Does anyone know why this is the case?

Thanks so much.


You don’t have a title meta tag setup. I have a new SEO Helper stack that will really help you out with stuff like this. Its apart of Foundation 1.5 that will be released with Stacks 3.

Hi Joe, that sounds great but can I do a title meta tag setup now? Do I just click the check box in the general setting for Title. Is there some documentation somewhere that I can follow for this? (I have been searching).

Best wishes


Thanks Joe. I have tried this but I don’t know what the hell I have done – now my site won’t publish at all. I can export it to my desktop but Rapidweaver refuses to publish it . I’ve tested the connection and that works fine.

I know this is nothing to do with your suggestion, as I’ve tried removing the browser title and it still won’t publish. It seems to be completely stuck in a loop.