Google Review Badge on my website

Hello Weavers,

If possible (with RapidWeaver or a Stack), I am asking for help with a way to show a Google Review Badge that floats above all windows on all pages which shows (and links) to our Google Reviews for Jones X-Ray at

I have attached a screenshot of this Google Badge.

You can see this Google Badge in action by visiting this website:

I have seen these elsewhere before… Very cool indeed!

Any suggestions?

Google don’t provide a widget for this - as yet. Several 3rd party devs have created them however. You’ll need to do some research and check exactly what’s on offer. One example here:

Thanks for the information. The link you provided as well as three others I have found require monthly subscriptions which is a pity. Hard to believe I would need to pay to see my own reviews…

I will continue to look. I was hoping someone has developed a stack for a Google Review feed of sorts.

This info from Google might help

Thank you so much Neil, that looks very promising. I will study up on that when I get home tonight!

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