Announcing the new Reviews Stack

Hi everyone,

I’m pleased to introduce you to the new Reviews Stack that’s just been released.

Easily import Google reviews or add custom reviews to your stacks pages. The stack is fully responsive, works on all themes and frameworks, and features a built in slider.

20% OFF LAUNCH DISCOUNT applied at checkout if you buy now through May 15th. No coupon required.


Wow! Looks great! I look forward to checking this stack out. :+1:

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Nice! This is much needed. I may have missed this, but adding review schema in the background could be an added SEO benefit!


That’s a great idea. I’ll put it in an update.

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Instant purchase. Two quick things:

  1. If we already use a key that’s restricted to URLs in order to display maps, we need a new key that is not domain restricted, correct? I created a new key and restricted to the IP address, and it seems to be working (who the heck knows, though, when it comes to the Google Dashboard?).
  2. I can’t seem to get the formatting correct. I’m using Foundation and want the reviews to be in three columns. I’ve also set avatars (for all widths) to 40px, but they are displaying at 128px.

See the draft (no indexing is checked) page here: Lost | Vortex Mechanical | Call Today - 678.571.2527


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Hi Dave and thanks for buying the stack.

You can have either no restrictions (bad) or IP restrictions (good). URL restrictions by itself would deny access but you can restrict a single key to multiple URLs and IP Addresses. It’s always best to create and use a new key per project anyway.

For the formatting, it looks like your css is out of sync with the page. Just replublish all files should fix it.

Thank you, Carl,

You’re right- I moved your stack to the homepage, republished all files, and it’s working beautifully. Prior to your stack, I looked at similar solutions (this client really, really wanted Google reviews on their site)- the best I could come up with was a subscription based model. So- many, many thanks for your Stack - this was money well-spent!


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