Google Review integration

Is it possible to embed google reviews into a RW site (maybe in a similar format that Facebook page feeds get integrated)? And better yet, if there is a way, does anyone have a working example they could show me?

Not sure if this is appropriate to dig up an old thread…but, Jason, wondering did you have any luck with this. I’ve searched and searched and have found a few “workarounds” but nothing truly in line with my expectations. I’m happy to share the workarounds with you if you are still looking.

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Sure, happy to hear how you did it.

In the end, I gave up - partly because I wasn’t sure how and partly because I had read that there was a potential downside of having multiple instances of the same review being found by Google/search engines. (I don’t know how much weight should be given to the latter point as I didnt pursue it much… )