Introducing Word Up - a fully automated ‘social proof’ platform!

Hi All,

I am delighted to announce the launch of a new Shaking the Habitual venture. And it is something a bit different…

It is called Word Up and it is an automated reviews/testimonials platform that makes it really easy to capture and share reviews (and even link to existing Google / Facebook reviews that you have).

Social proof (reviews, testimonials, ratings etc) is huge these days and - when it is done right - is a massive factor in converting website visitors to customers. Something like 80% of people making choices relating to products / services check reviews before deciding. I know I certainly do! (There is a LOT of research about all of this - just Google ‘Should I use social proof’ to see some of the stats). Word Up makes every aspect of this easy - i.e. capturing, importing, managing and displaying!

Word Up is not exclusively for RapidWeaver users (you can use it with any website building approach) but I do think it is an especially good fit for RapidWeaver. And going forward I will provide a stack or two to help make some styling tweaks that are not available in the platform itself.

Word Up is a subscription service but to celebrate the launch I am offering a strictly limited lifetime deal. Not only that - there is an additional discount for RapidWeaver users. Simply enter the code WORDUP-RW-25 to take 25% of the already amazing price of the lifetime deal!! This code is valid until 21st September. The lifetime deal will be available until the allocation (100) is used up.

Secure your lifetime deal now!

(We even offer a 14 day money back guarantee so there is zero risk!)

This is an amazing opportunity to get a great deal on this incredibly powerful platform that will do wonders to amplify the social proof of your websites!

Any questions just ask.


Here are some direct links that you might find useful:

If you add reviews, is there a control at place to make sure the review is written by the person who did it, e. g. a double opt in? it is hard to prevent fake reviews, so what are your thoughts on this? Next about the rating: the service I use now allows me NOT to display a rating/review. But this rating is still calculated into the overall rating which is visible on my site. Is there a similar mechanism in Word Up?

Hi @Fuellemann -

If you use Google / Facebook reviews then that side of things would be taken care of them (in that they would need an account to post). If you are soliciting reviews yourself (with the Word Up testimonial form) then the only people with the link to the review form could be people that you have sent it directly to. (And sending out review requests could be automated depending on what systems you already use).

In any case, when reviews come into Word Up (regardless of their source) you (as the moderator) can approve / decline them. This means you can filter out any that you suspect to be fake.

There is but in terms of displaying on the site that it is only available as a ‘FOMO’ popup which would look like this (the CTA button is optional and customisable):

There is also the option to use the rating in Schema/Structured Data which lets it get picked up and shown in Google searches etc. Word Up has an option to enable this too (more info here).

Hope that has helped with your queries?

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