Offsite 3.0 (free update)

Got home from a snow boarding trip at 6pm last night. I really felt like I needed a quick win, so I rewrote my Offsite stack. I modernized it and gave it a new icon.

Enjoy the free update. I look forward to your feedback.

(Product page still shows old icon and screenshots, but its 100% new)


Hi Joe, it seems that the view demo does not work.
What new features does it offer?
I am considering purchasing this stack :smiley:

Demo works fine, its just the src is pointing to the http address of the page not the https. Stack works 100% as far as I can see.

Oh man. I totally missed that the demo is busted. I am trying to keep my hands off my existing site while building myths new one. I will try to get this fixed when I can though.

Offsite is a solid iframe stack. You can buy with confidence. You have my word… I will incorporate any feedback that I get from this release into an update by the end of the week.

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