Googled myself - Site Logo instead of my title displays

With my site published I googled the site to check what displays. Above my URL should be the title, instead it displays the words “site logo”. I have site title ticked in the basic settings, I also have a site logo (PNG) chosen for the site. I can not find any setting to get my site name to publish.

If it helps you can google beccyjean. The URL is

Any clues?

Hi there,

This is because this is the first thing that the Google bot if finding on your page it believes is of importance.

See image from the console of your page, showing that your images have “alt” tags set to “Site Logo”.

This is set by the theme, and not something you have any control over.
Your best bet is to add some meta data that the Google bot really wants to find in your page.
This is basically saying “Hey Google bot, I can tell you exactly what this page is about”.
You set meta data in Rapidweaver 6 like this second image:

It will take some time for Google to change what it’s already decided is the appropriate thing to show for your natural listing.

You could also try changing the page title form “HOME | BeccyJean” to maybe just “BeccyJean” I am surprised Google is rejecting the use of this title. Maybe it avoids the pipe symbol “|”

Thank you so much for your help, I am clearly a website newbie. Also a forum newbie. I think you may have solved this for me. I will see what google finds now.


hi - i have the same problem… is there a way to change the alt tag of the site logo within the theme? if so, where would i find it if i open the theme in finder? in what file would it be? thank you!!