Google displays "site logo" rather than "Home"


It’s looking for an image, not a page title.

So, looking at your source code…
You have spaces in your image names (not good practice) and your alt attribute says Site logo, it is also a GIF and I think it is looking for a JPG or PNG file… but I could be wrong.

You also have 2 Meta Keywords on the home page, this will reduce your SEO ranking :wink:

Hope that helps


Thanks Brad! Big help. Im having trouble figuring out the 2 Meta Keywords issue, can
you elaborate on this? I have looked it up & realize its an issue but I’m not sure what i have to do to my site to change this. Thanks in advance!

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Hey Mike

There are 4 places you can put Metatags

  1. In your site wide code - Site Settings -> Code -> Metatags
  2. Same as 1 but Head instead of Metatags
  3. On the home page, in edit view, select Inspector -> HTML (Middle button) -> Edit Metatags
  4. Same as 3 but instead of Edit Metatags, Header

So, you have the keywords defined in 2 locations, I don’t know which ones, but the one you should keep is in the page Edit Metatags area (area 3 above) because that is page specific.

Some Metatags can be stored site wide because they don’t change (area 1 above)

Hope that helps

Hey @Turtle, do you know if the same holds true for Page Descriptions? So, if I were using SEO Helper from the Foundation set of stacks and was (theoretically-speaking, of course) getting a notice from a future version of rapidweaver that looks at SEO that I should add a Page Description in RW…

Would having both of those be harmful, SEO-wise?


Foundations is smart with SEO Helper, it does not export the helper stack description Metatag if it exists in area 3 above

Double description metatags are not as bad as double keywords but still should be avoided imho.

I would use the built in method of adding just 2 meta data tags (Description & Keywords), the rest you can enter where you want hence why you are getting that caution message you are referring.


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