Gratitude for all of the developers

I just want to say thank you to all of the RapidWeaver developers. I just love getting updates of Themes, Stacks, RapidWeaver, Plugins… It makes me happy to know that there are developers out there that are making my wishes come true way before I ever knew I wanted or needed them! Keep up the fabulous work!



I do want to join you, Linda. I’ve had such brilliant experience with the developer community that I can easily refrain from jumping on the “Wix”- or whatever online website-creation-tool-bandwagon. Particularly the Stacks-community is a real blast. Supportive, responsive and simply super creative.

I agree. heartfelt thanks to Realmac and all the developers of add-ons not just for the programs themselves but for the superb level of support.


An incredibly high standard. Thanks to everyone; your work is truly appreciated :slight_smile: .

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just chiming in with a big 1A+!!! tomas