We are leaving the RapidWeaver community…

For many many years we have been developing themes and stacks for RapidWeaver. We had a lot of fun and this all wouldn’t have been possible without your constant support.
It was really an amazing time to be part of this fantastic community. We met all different kind of people and even made new friends… but now it’s time for new challenges, meaning we are leaving the RapidWeaver community and handing the development of our products over to another developer.

It is of utmost important to us that you are well taken care of so we are pleased to announce that, as of today, July 4 - 2017, Will Woodgate (https://stacks4stacks.com and https://www.themeflood.com/) has taken over the development and end user support for our themes and stacks.
We cannot think of a better person to take on this responsibility.

Will has already put in countless hours of updating the addons and details with coming releases are shared by him in the near future…

Thank you for all your support over the years,

Joost Spijker http://www.tsooj.net
Henk Vrieselaar http://www.henkvrieselaar.com/rapidweaver/


Whilst I’m not familiar with your products your names recognisably stand out as being very much a part of the RapidWeaver community.
For that reason alone you will be a loss.

Certainly Will is the right person to continue your themes and stacks.

All the best in your future endeavours.

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Dear Henk,

that is very sad because of your themes and addons and specially for your kind and fast support. I will miss you! You have been always extremly helpful!

All the best - hartelijk bedankt!


So sad to read of one my favorite developers leaving the community - you, Henk (along with Brian Morgan) are a huge part of my very successful designing career. When I landed my first part time job, you patiently and consistently guided me through trial after trial. That part time job eventually turned into a full-time position, partly based on my knowledge of html, css and JavaScript. Truth be known, my early “knowledge” was simply leveraged. As the emails (and snail mail) went back and forth, I feel like I’ve gotten to know you (and your family) - even though a huge pond separates us.

My life is better because you’ve been in it - and I thank you for that.

All the best,



Bedankt Joost en Henk voor jullie mooie tijd, themes en stacks. Het beste gewenst met jullie nieuwe uitdagingen en toekomstige projecten :thumbsup:

Inderdaad, Will zal er goed zorg voor dragen :grinning:

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Neither can I. Will Woodgate never disappoints. You two have a lot in common as developers.

I have used your themes in the past and I found them both visually innovative and highly functional. And your personal assistance was always highly valued. It’s so sad that you’ll no longer be a part of RW community… :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:


This is a shame, but it’s good that Will does the work.
(I’m afraid that it is perhaps a bit too much for Will.)

Thank you for the whole very good work.
Henk, all the best for the future!


Henk, and Joost, you designed some of the best and most robust themes and out useful stacks for rapidweaver so I am sorry that you are leaving.

I am very pleased that you are passing your themes and stacks to Will, who will look after them.

Maybe one day you will come back


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I wish you nothing but the best in all that you do. Every interaction that I’ve ever had with you have always been professional and polite. As a fellow developer and colleague you will be missed in the community.

May your life be filled with many blessings and much goodness.


Thanks so much, Henk! Your products, support and friendly advice have always been first class.

Good luck - and a sigh of relief - to Will.

@henkvrieselaar and @Joost Wow, what a surprise. Both of you have been around for many years and contributed several good themes and stacks that others have enjoyed. As others have already stated, I hope your future endeavors bring much happiness and joy. You will be missed here!


@henkvrieselaar and @Joost

Sorry to hear you’re leaving the RW community. Thanks for those carefully crafted themes you have created.
Wish you all the best.

Het ga jullie goed.

Good hearted (and talented) people are hard to lose. All the best!

Crap :frowning: , that will hurt the Dutch force. Too bad, but wish you both the best in the future and thank you for all your work!

Hi Henk,

I know this was tough for you to do. All of us in the RW community will definitely miss you. All my best wishes in your new endeavers & please stop in from time to time & say hi.



Thanks so much Henk and Joost for all the superb work you’ve done for the RW community. As far as I remember I’ve used your themes and stacks for nearly seven years and it’s indeed very sad to see you leave the RapidWeaver community. But on the other hand we all know that there’s – for sure – “another life” beside RapidWeaver and that the never predictable course of life makes changes like this unavoidable. I’m very glad that Will takes care of all the great stuff you’ve created for us and wish you all the best for the future! It’s really been a pleasure to have you for such a long time in the RW community and I’m sure that Will will care for your products in a more than appropriate way.

All my best wishes,


Sorry to hear this has happened and wish you well in your future endeavours.

Oh bugger :sweat:
I “liked” your post as an indicator to say “bye” - not that I actually liked it at all.

You’ll be sorely missed Henk & Joost.

Take care of yourselves :wave:


All good wishes to you Henk. You have saved my bacon several times in the past when I was setting out with RW, but I’m sure you have placed your great work in very capable hands.


I’m truly sorry to hear this. We’ll miss your elegant, lightweight themes and friendly knowledgeable support - as well as your general Henkness.

Best of luck with what comes next,