CMS page, with only pictures NO BLOG?

Hi all, i will make no secret of the fact that i have nearly given up using CMS, i am finding it a tad too difficult to get to grips with.
For starters I would like to add just one page of Photos, and have a mate of mine able to add pictures himself.
Which of the different versions of CMS currently available would be easiest for me ?


Hi Timmy,

No doubt other opinions will be forwarded, but this sort of thing is a walk in the park for Dropkick CMS from Yuzoolthemes.

I mean really.

Its just a case of inserting reference snippets where you want your images. Then you can change the images as often as you like.

If you get stuck… I’ll set it up FOR you!

Don’t be timid… :wink:


This is also very easy for Easy CMS by Joe Workman. You set up the page with Image stacks and then set up the admin page to allow the images to drag and drop.

You could also use Total CMS if you wanted a Gallery type of stack. The cool thing about Total CMS galleries, you can use it with Instacks Gallery 3 stack or with Nick Cates Photos stack.


@zeebe & @kryten thank you both for your replies, that is very helpful, I have no excuse now, there are so many different CMS options these days, it just has to be a good thing, i am sure i will now find something that suits me, thanks.


What about an Instagram feed stack?

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@bitbumpy goodness me Chris, i havent heard of that one at all, i shall have to investigate that option in more detail, thanks.


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Joe Workman or Stacks4Stacks.
Not sure if there are any others.

Both easy to set up.

Cheers for your ears.

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@bitbumpy thanks for your suggestion Chris, for now i will stick with what i already have :slight_smile:

@zeebe and @kryten thank you chaps again, i have NOW had reasonable success with Pulse CMS, at least it works, but i dont YET fully understand it yet !!!,

you will see that i have stripped out all the pages except, the two gallery pages, i have just now tagged these two pages onto my current “Site” and it works gr8 !!!


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I have used both Easy CMS and the QuickPics stacks by @joeworkman.

Both of them are great.

If you don’t already own Easy CMS I would recommend making the investment as it is a very robust solution with a slight learning curve.

Hi @timmytoad

Glad to hear that Pulse CMS is working ‘gr8’ for you!

Never give up - never surrender! You’ll get there buddy.

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@BrandonCorlett thanks for your suggestion Brandon i will definitely look at that option :slight_smile:
ah, i can see the Instagram connection now , thanks


@kryten yeah, i was over the moon when i found Pulse CMS still worked, after i moved it from a sub folder to the root folder, i only needed to edit the Path to suit.


Tim - Sounds like you are making real progress now.

It isn’t a surprise at all that Pulse works when you move it and edit a path because that’s exactly how it works. However, you MUST set the path correctly or it won’t work. This is true of every CMS and many other systems. Similarly if I want to visit your web site, typing in your address as won’t work. Not because the internet is broken but because I just didn’t type the “path” correctly. Glad you are finally getting there.

Just another one to consider - Pulse CMS is a doddle to set up and the interface is clear and simple.

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Hi @Lang, yay, i am already using PulseCMS, it does seem to be a little easier than the other variations.


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