Stacks grid help needed

I’m trying to build grids using RapidWeaver and Stacks. The attached image “desired_grid.png” is what I am trying to achieve. As you can see, the grid has 6 columns of varied widths. The Stacks grid appears to allow only 5 columns of fixed width, and cell heights are not the same. (See attached “screenshot1.png”). Is there a way to work around this? I have visited numerous forums and support sites and cannot find a resolution.

Take a look at S4S’s Useful Grid:

and Adaptive Grid:

I do recall that Useful Grid allows for unique width percentages for each cell, but don’t recall the settings offhand for Adaptive Grid. Both are free/donation ware.

That’s probably not going to look very good on mobile.

Columns wrap as entire columns. Meaning all the data sheets will be at the bottom.

Might have a look at something like GridIron

To me that looks like a two column layout with three columns at the bottom of the first column and a table (rather than a grid) in the second column.

@rschober Could you provide a URL to this particular table?

Strictly speaking tables can be troublesome to display on websites: most especially on phones where a lot of folks do browsing. Another alternative is to create a high quality image of a table saved as an SVG or perhaps PNG. (SVG tends to be sharper and clearer). Of course creating this table then requires another app like OmniGraffle.

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