Gsheet and View More from Weavium

@weavium Does Gsheet work together with your View More stack within the theme Foundation, RW8 and Stacks 4?

Hi there,

I haven’t specifically tried this combination, but I believe they should all work together. There is no integration between the stacks, but they should work individually.

I hope this helps!

Well, meanwhile I have purchased both Stacks, and just only started with Gsheet. Followed all the instructions to the letter… But Gsheet is not viewing in RW8/Foundation theme… whatever I try. First thought it could be a font issue, but that seems to work. Also changed the color from white into a darker shade. With my knowledge I have analysed it in different settings, but still no data to be shown. The ‘examples’ work okay, but they are not in a theme, right? There does seem to be ‘communication’ between the Gsheet stack and Google Sheets. Manage to view the JS error. As I am not a Developer, but just a simple user, please help if you can.

Seems to be on a local installation. Did you publish it to test?

Hi Jan,
The hole project is still in draft mode. The Gsheet stack is communicating with the Google sheet, however it does not show two (2) test data rows.

I thought it might be a php site so it might work only on Server…

Also thought about that. Tried a new project with the Foundation theme and in html. Also not showing. I am hoping that @weavium (Skyler Knight) is jumping into help. It is his/her product. My whole new project is going to be based using Google sheets for my database and thus working like a CSM.

And today the ‘View More’ seems NOT Foundation friendly. Simple things like a Header do not view. Strangly the ‘Impact’ does. It is getting very frustrating at the start of this new Project, that purchased stacks from @weavium seem faulty. And now what to do?

Sunday, 13 October 2019: Both Stacks (Gsheet & View More) not working with Foundation.

Please, developers @weavium and @joeworkman please get together and work out the bugs?

If you have a published url, I’d be happy to look at it.

Hi Jerome,

If you could send me a link to the site, and even better email the public link to your Google spreadsheet to, I can try to test it out for you.


I don’t… yet. Selecting a provider right now. I read and see lately a much more about Cloud hosting. Has anyone have experience with this and what would you advise. Is it correct that we (RW) run best under OS Linux?

For example: Here you can configure your own desired server. As I have no knowledge of the differences, what would the community here advise:

Hi, I don’t have a public link yet, as I am designing it offline first. Would it help if I would start publishing for ‘test reasons’? I can send you the Google spreadsheet link though. Is that enough for you to test?

If you are not technical enough to run your own server, I wouldn’t. Yes, make sure that your host uses Linux. However, use someone like Chillidog Hosting from @barchard. You won’t regret it.


Hi Jerome,

I received that share link to the google spreadsheet in our support inbox, but what I actually need is the public .ics link that you use to display the Gsheet stack on your site. Can you send me this link instead please?

You can follow the Gsheet tutorial if you don’t already have this link.

I have sent again two days ago. Today (18 Oct.), I also published for testing the website running under php, as some suggested here that the Gsheet can only run on a Server with PHP. I have sent the link to your support inbox. Also, you can see that the ‘View More’ stack is not working with Foundation stacks.

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