Happy holidays for Sundog / Support our veterans

Hey everyone,
I have been posting about this already and hope I’m not annoying anyone. But this is important. Sundog aka Larry Pollock is one of the most important veterans in the RW history. His wife passed away end of August after a long struggle with cancer. Due to the american health system he is left with appr. $15.000 of debt to pay to hospitals, doctors etc.
He has set up a YouCaring channel to ask others to help him. Some fine people from the RW community have already done this, but the total amount collected is still around $4200, which clearly leaves him with a problem.
Let alone he has to find his way back into life after having lost the life-long partner and friend.
Therefor I ask you: give Sundog happy holidays - donate some money to support him.
Thank you!

Here’s the link:

If you feel annoyed by this plead, drop me a line.