Long Time RapidWeaver Family Member needs our Help

I wanted to bring to everyones attention a serious matter with a good friend of the RapidWeaver community, Larry Pollock. You may remember him from the old forums as “Sundog”. Larry’s wife, Faith, has been diagnosed with Non Hodgkins Lymphoma. Insurance will not pay for Faith’s treatments and Larry is having to pay out of pocket.

Please visit one of the 2 links below to donate anything you can to help him out.



Thank you for bringing this to our attention Mike.

For those that don’t know- Larry was very involved with Rapidweaver for many years, but moved on to a career in photography a few years ago. While he was creating sites, he was very active on the Rw forums - frequently taking time out to answer questions here. Even after his focus changed, he remained interested in helping fellow Rapidweavers. A couple of years ago, after I seriously messed up a client’s WordPress site, I reached out for help on Twitter. Larry not only answered me right away- without asking for remuneration, he jumped into my client’s site and fixed everything.

He’s a good man who could use some extra help right now.


On a long solo drive across the country I happened to be near Larry and Faith late in the day. They put me up for the night and were so wonderful and generous and amazing. Really the best sort of people in the world.



Thanks for that information, Mike. I admit I had lost sight of Larry since he gradually dropped out of the RW scene. Which is a pity. So much of what I know today about RW, webdesign and CSS in particular stems from the “founding fathers”: Sundog, Ed Brenner and a few more. Just made a donation. Please, people, if you read this - even if you may be young in the RW scene: try to give something, if you can!


Thanks for sharing this information, Mike. I’ve always had a lot of respect and admiration for Larry, and I am very sorry to hear about this. I will definitely be contributing and I encourage anyone who is able to do the same. It’s things like this that have contributed to the RapidWeaver community being just that – a community.

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Thank you Mike for posting this. I was a bit shy about doing so since I had not been active in a long while. But I do miss the community. I have a new one as Pro photographer and doing commercial and product work.

Faith is doing really will but as you stated, insurance does not cover the kind of treatment options we chose. We chose not to go with traditional Chemo and are attending an integrative and alternative treatment center. It was the best choice we could have ever made. They have done wonders for her in just a few short weeks, even in days.

We are on the road to total health on this Journey Wellness.

Thank you to all who have contributed. It truly makes a great difference to me an for a wonderful lady.


Update on my wife, Faith Banrard’s, Cancer Wellness Journey

She is doing very well and life is more normal now (whatever normal is…) but we still have some things to do to get the heavy metals out and her remaining dental amalgams. Costly to say the least.

She has made a resource list of Integrative and Alternative treatments a we have learned so much. If you would like this list let me know and I can get it to you.

Thanks again for all the support.

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That’s SO good to read, Larry!! Thanks for keeping us updated. All my best wishes for you and Faith!