Regarding Michael @ Yuzool

It saddens me to see such rage and anger in the forum sometimes. Michael at Yuzool is a very passionate person about his support and products. I’m sure he feels terrible (and totally stressed out) about the issues he encountered about his email and has taken steps to correct that issue once it was recognized.

I just ask you give him a break, he is doing his best to assist people.

It’s not like he is selling a product, receiving bug reports and ignoring them out of spite.

Anyway, just food for thought.



I totally agree Brad. Michael has long been a Rapidweaver developer who has a very good reputation for assisting folks with after-purchase support. So, he apparently had some email issues that needed to be resolved- and from what I can tell, it has been. He’s been very up-front with the issue and, from what I can see, has done his best to ensure that issues with his stack (different thread) have been resolved.

A little compassion and kindness goes a long way people.


I agree. He’s one of the good guys.


I agree. This is not the kind here in the forum, the posts in another thread.


@Turtle @dave @peterdanckwerts @Oscar

:joy: Thank you so much, really appreciate this a lot.
A lot of things raining down hard at the minute and doing my best to give the same level of support I always try to - thanks for coming out and saying this.

I’ll announce later on my blog today but @kryten has now teamed up with me to offer more support helping out customers with questions, fixing bugs and just getting projects completed on time for folks! I’m thrilled to have him on board as he’s a real talent and knowledgeable about RW and a great gentleman to boot.

I quite often get random emails of thanks about how they completed a great project for a super happy client - and am gobsmacked at some of the things people make.

Sadly I’m only human with thin skin and 100 of those nice message don’t shield me from even 1 nasty one.

This thread has cheered me up considerably…

Thank you :smile:


I have always found Michael wonderfully accessible and responsive over the years.

To Michael… hang in there, it will work out. To others wondering whether they should purchase products… he has a long track record of producing great stuff and also offering great support too.


Thanks Michael @Sassafras

Been great conversing and working with you over these years :slight_smile:


I am mostly a print guy, so it sometimes takes longer for the web side to kick in for me.
Plus, I seem to have a knack for coming up with oddball requests, or issues.
You have always been exceedingly cheerful, professional, and helpful.

It is hard to remember that behind many faceless companies, there are actually real human beings who are hard at work, doing the best they can. It bears mentioning. I always recommend your stuff without reservations.


@Sassafras Thank you :joy:

Michael, Lucas (at Acheyton), and Joe Workman are the three reasons I have invested so much in RapdWeaver. These guys go over and beyond to assist “novices” like me, with pure love. I have purchased close to ten of Michael’s product. Only yesterday I wanted to beat up on myself for not purchasing his package deals – never knew he was such a Master.

Michael, I send you ‘nuf’ love (Jamaican style) from cold, cold Toronto, Canada.


Way to go Michael (@yuzool) … you have a good guy there on your side for sure! Stuart (@kryten) is an awesome/helpful/knowledgeable addition to make an excellent team! That’s what I call a win!


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I gratefully accept your love, thank you :heart_eyes: Really appreciate that

And yes, @Lucas and @joeworkman are master craftsmen and gentlemen

thank you for being part of the community Monica!

Totally agree @Turtle - he’s a real winner and a great asset to the team!!


I have just checked through my email correspondence with Michael. My first email to Michael in Dec 2012. Since that time I have never known Michael to let me down, not ever. He has responded to my queries and requests promptly and always with positive solutions. He has played a part in the past development of Rapidweaver, as I am sure he will do in the future, e.g. he has recently introduced widgets to Rapidweaver! In my opinion and experience, I regard Michael as a talented and innovative developer, who is extremely helpful and thoroughly reliable. Even through we have never met, I believe Michael to be a sincere, supportive person and a real gentleman…a thoroughly good man.


Just to add to cheering @yuzool up
We’re working and living in quite a niche world with RapidWeaver. Developers create wonderful work for ridiculous money and our expectation is that we’re treated by them like we would be expecting it from large corporations. Actually, check Apple’s support guidelines on when they stop their free support and start charging for it. And, what you buy from them is not for little money…
That said, all of the folks within the Stacks-community that I had (the pleasure) to deal with so far when I got stuck or had stupid questions (@1LittleDesigner, @Doobox, @joeworkman, Kuler, Loghound, @barz-stacks, @nimblehost, RapidIdeas, RapidWeaverCentral, Richardet, RWExtras, @RWtuts, StackManiac, @yabdab, @isaiah, to name by biggest heroes) , I’ve never been let down. They’ve all invested more in me than I could pay back by buying all of their work… (I’m almost there…). But they’ve made a terribly happy customer!
I had sent Michael a mail regarding his new wonderful plugin-concept as I had some questions. I had not heart back from him until he commented that his support system went belly up. I just resent the mail and had a nice remark back from him within 24 hours.

  • The following would be my recommendation:
  • Let’s all agree that getting rich with developing Stacks, themes and plugins in the RapidWeaver world is not too likely
  • Enabling us users to enjoy a fantastic and unique Mac-Product beyond what it’s built for to do our websites is what drives that developers community.
  • Paying little money for inspired work is the second big benefit for us users.
  • Let’s simply adjust our expectations in regards to response times and eternal support and put it in a healthy relationship to what we had to cough up for the product!
  • Let’s face it: Charging $4,95 for a stack and then spending 10 minutes on one of my stupid questions, eats all the profit. And if it is a REAL bug (not user incompetence), we should give those developers some time to evaluate and mitigate. When it comes to bugs, you might want to try posting one to Microsoft. And there stuff is REALLY expensive!

Sorry for the rant but things need to be put in perspective and I’ve go the flu on top of it…


I’d just like to add a BIG thank you to Stuart and Michael in helping me with a few issues with my web site.
They were in touch with me every day while the issue got sorted and we’re all up and running fine now.
Thanks again guys.


Micheal has explained his perfectly valid reasons for the backlog and has offered a brand new support page to help with it. I had some issues a few weeks back trying to contact him, but I have to admit the longer I waited, the more I was concerned that he was well and alive, over feeling frustrated.

I am not entirely sure why people forget developers are human. :frowning:

Without @yuzool I literally wouldn’t have had some of the clients I do now. His E-Commerce options using Stripe payment have been essential to my business needs and I frankly couldn’t have done any of those things without him. If you ever want testimonials Micheal, hit me up.


Thanks @Leon and @wheeltappersdccsound and @Boray and @jsc

Me and @kryten really appreciate it :slight_smile:

We’re here for you in your RapidWeaver projects and hope you can deliver cool things to clients that makes them blow their socks off :wink:


I recently purchased and had issues. Sent multiple emails and opened ticket but have received absolutely no response or help.

He replied to me, there is a time zone difference though

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