Has anyone successfully used RapidViewer?

Hi all, i fancy having one of my site pages with a PowerPoint slideshow .

I searched for a relevant Plug In for this Task and found RapidViewer, furthermore i found i already had it in my collection of RW PlugIn’s

So i dragged my PowerPoint slideshow into the RapidViewer Window and Published and absolutely nothing happened.

Has anyone else successfully used this PlugIn ? Please I would love to know how you did it !


The demo on the developer’s site doesn’t appear to work either. There are some questions and answers at the bottom of the demo page that might help you.

@NeilUK Thank you Neil, very helpful but it doesnt explain my problem :frowning:


Hi… Just presenting this as an option as it doesn’t really answer your RapidViewer issue. We offer Powerpoints/Keynotes and for “sample slides” I simply used the “Export” feature to save each slide as a .jpg. Then just present the jpg’s however you want. Just an option if you can’t get RapidViewer to work.

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@NeilUK & @1611mac hey chaps, thanks for your most welcome input, i have now read the SMALL PRINT and found the cause of my problem.
The Powerpoint file i have, has the PPS extension which i can see is not compatible with RapidViewer !!!

I will have to load it into Keynote, if it will, and perhaps i can then Save As something that is compatible :slight_smile:

Thanks again chaps :slight_smile:


If you have access to Powerpoint on Windows you can save it as a pptx file there (if that is what is required.)

I actually have my Keynotes/Powerpoint samples as pdf files on the website. That makes them a lot more compatible with with people are used to doing on the web. They can download them as pdfs and page through the sample presentation. Of course, you have to properly explain that “real” file is an actual PowerPoint or Keynote and not a pdf.

@1611mac Hi Greg, thanks for your suggestions, as it happens i have easily Exported the Slides as a lot of JPG files. Thanks.

And now you have given me another option, Export to a PDF file :slight_smile: gr8 stuff. Thanks

I dont have access to Windows and i would be bery happy if i never have anything to do with Windows ever again.


Hahaha, I do have access to Windows, but I’d also be happy never to have to touch it again.

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:frowning: “WINDOSE” :frowning:

When one’s customer base is so much Windows based one must bite the bullet and grudgingly use Windows too - but only as necessary! :slight_smile:

I ease the problem by having a Windows Virtual Machine on my Mac. That way at least all the keyboard shortcuts match up, etc. That makes it slightly less painful :slight_smile:

I tried Rapid Viewer but gave up on it. I have just been embedding Word, PowerPoint type of documents on a page or a slider and they work fine. I just use the HTML stack, and get the embed code from the OneDrive online file and then paste that code into the HTML stack.

Has anyone successfully used RapidViewer?

Maybe not the most illustrative of post titles Tim?

@ricinport Fair enough Ric, maybe not, as you say the most illustrative, but a lot better than some of the others :frowning: and then there are those posts where the OP doesnt acknoledge any replies !
i have now found out that a good free alternative to Rapidviewer is the EMBED stack from Will Woodgate :slight_smile:



My bad Tim. I read it as Weaver not Viewer.

That’ll teach me to keep my ‘mouth’ shut and think before I post. :blush:

@ricinport No Problem Ric :slight_smile:


The remote document linked in RapidViewer product page was removed, sorry.
We have fixed it and now it’s displayed correctly.