RapidAlbum, RapidViewer replacements

I’m finally getting around to upgrading to RW6 and find that RapidAlbum and RapidViewer aren’t compatible. Any suggestions for workarounds or replacements? Thanks!

Many Rapid Album customers moved to Gallery Stack:

Cheers Jannis

Thanks! Very helpful

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RapidViewer is compatible with RapidWeaver 6.
Please make sure you have the latest version installed.

I have the current versions (just purchased), and find that this plugin doesn’t work well with anything other than a PDF file. I tried dragging a .pages file, and it takes the file, then after publishing all I get is a “whoops, there was a problem displaying this page”. I have tried other “allowed” file types that are advertised, but they also do not work.
Trying to get support for RapidViewer is nonexistant. I keep getting sent to FAQ pages without any ability to make any contact.

Google Docs Viewer service seems to have problems recently.
Do you have a test page?

We didn’t receive any support requests on this matter.
Did you contact us at help.4gnd.com?

There are now 3 “Test Viewer” pages, one with a dropped in .pages file, another with a linked PDF, and the 3rd with a dropped PDF file onto RapidViewer.
I had removed any prior pages with RapidViewer since they didn’t appear to be working.
Steve Meyers