Archetypon "support"

Has anyone had (or is having) issues with Archetypon support? I contacted them two weeks ago to ask what I thought was a simple question about their Clementi theme before purchasing it; nothing. Did I dodge a bullet by not buying?

What’s going on with these theme developers? Second time; the first was with Brandon Lee.



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I don’t believe Brandon Lee is an active developer any longer but I could be mistaken.

Thanks for the followup, Adam.

If BL isn’t active, his themes and products shouldn’t be listed for sale on any RW-related sites. It only sours the experience with customers who need/want support. It’s like sitting in a Honda dealership doing the paperwork on a new car and the salesperson says, “We want you to buy this new car but just know, Honda, the company, has shut down and no longer exists.”

To your knowledge, is this the same scenario with Archetypon?

@Michael99 I don’t have a single ticket opened for you on my support desk, so please provide your ticket number if you did received a confirmation email of your support message.

As always you can reach me at


This is something that @ben and @realmac would need to address. Like I said I personally don’t believe Brandon Lee is active still but I could be wrong.

As you can see above @Lucas is definitely still active. :+1:

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Lucas, on your site, I chose “Pre-sale question” and sent the mail. I got the popup at the top that read: “Your message has been sent.” What I didn’t get was an emailed ticket. And just so you know, I just went to your site a minute ago (from this communication) and sent the email again using your site’s mail form. I got the popup saying it was sent successfully but still no ticket# being sent to my email. So there’s a problem there. It’ll be interesting to see if you even get my mail then. (I did that just to illustrate what happened the first time.) I’ll use the support email address you provided above.

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