Override site 'head' html code per page

I’m adding Open Graph (og) previews for my site. It works great to put the meta code in the Head section within the Code Settings for the RW project. But, I’d like to have page-specific og images. I tried putting the meta line in the Head section for the individual page inspector hoping it might override the one for the whole site, but it does not.

Is there a simple way to override the site-wide head code for an individual page, or do I need to actually add the meta code to each page and delete the site-wide code?

You would have to put the meta tags on each page. The sitewide stuff ends up on every page, and meta tags aren’t like CSS, you can’t override. There is only supposed to be one.

Now if some of the OG tags are the same in all pages you could put those in the sitewide area.

Makes sense, thank you.


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