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Running RapidWeaver 8 and using Manitoba Theme. I can’t find a way to increase the font size for the header tabs. Any help is appreciated.

Not the answer you want but I’d switch to a different theme if I were you. Manitoba is very old and won’t work properly on mobile devices and probably has all manner of ancient things going on under the hood that will cause you problems going forward.

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Does Manitoba (and those other old relics from the past), still ship with RW8?

What will RW9 do to address the backlog of content which RW still drags along behind it? Things like the non responsive themes, contact form page, blog, styled text page and other components which have slipped into irrelevance. Are they going to be replaced with up to date versions of themselves?

I seem to remember discussions about old themes in the past - they’re proven technically troublesome to get rid of IIRC.

I suspect they will become troublesome to go forward with too - from a credibility perspective.

How many newbies are buying RW, starting a project, picking one of those themes then hitting a wall when they realise they are not producing relevant responsive designs? It will only get worse too as they become increasingly ridiculous when set against the rising watermark of expectations and acceptability.

What’s the plan?

To be fair, you’d notice something was wrong the first time you previewed the site in the simulator but you’re not wrong. It seems crazy that these old themes can’t be removed.


They don’t have to go away, and I certainly would rather RealMac spend their resources on fixing bugs and adding new features to new releases.

I think right now in RW8, you see them under “RapidWeaver Classic Themes” and when you select “All Themes.” Perhaps they could remove them from “All Themes” and change the grouping name to something more obvious like “RapidWeaver Depreciated Themes,” so new users don’t select them.

I liked the old way with an option in preferences to “Display Classic Themes.” Of course, there is always going to be someone that will select one no matter what you do.

I had wondered about this as I had doubts that some users would realise - even after previewing.

Here is an example of a user going away and building their site out using ‘Alpha’, for goodness sake, only to subsequently realise that it is not responsive and granular (mobile) font size control is not going to be possible for them:

I still think they should be removed and instead offered as an optional post-purchase download…

Yeah, I agree… I could hardly read the stuff on my website when I viewed it on my iPhone. Very disappointing. The style and looked fantastic, but if my visitors can’t read what’s there, it’s no good at all.

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