Header in slider stack

Hi I am trying to have a (Foundry) slider and include a header with a reveal on it but looks like it can’t be done ?

Hi Alan,

Not sure if this is what you mean.

I have used Animagic in my headers and works great, it also an Elixir stack. Reveal is good but the animations don’t work on mobile devices, for some reason they have been disabled on mobile.

Both these sites done with Foundry, first one has video in banner and the golf one has slider, both with the headers fading up or down using Animagic.

Cheers Scott


Correction…you are right. The golf one, the Animagic doesn’t work…will look into this. I am sure it was beforehand.

Basically I wanted text over the slider stack but looks like it can’t be done but thanks for the help.

Maybe the Shift stack would give you what you want? It’s part of the Foundry Potion Pack.


Thanks Rob will have a look. Alan

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