I would like to build a site like this

I’m new to RW, stacks, Foundry potion and Thunder - slowly finding my way around. having all these I would like to build a site that does the same as this site when scrolled up - https://www.cevalon.com/chauffeur-transport/ - started using the one page sample project - but I cant seem to work out which of the add-ons/stacks I have purchased, I need to use to achieve that slide-up/in affect.

Would be much obliged if anyone can offer any pointers,

many thanks


Reveal should do this - slide up upon scroll.

Thanks for your reply.

Maybe its me, but I cant find an option to slide up on scroll in either Reveal or Reveal Pro.

The closest I have found in reveal is Fade In - Up, unable to find an option to use it with a scroll

Reveal Pro - I can only see options to allow image to appear diagonally or just appear, can set delays. Can’t see anything that would allow slide up on scroll

Is there a different stack I need to be looking at or buying to achieve this?

Reveal should have “Slide In - Up”. I think that’s what you are looking for.

Maybe Assemble can help: https://onelittledesigner.com/rapidweaver-stack/assemble/

Hi Juergen,

That’s exactly what I need.

Purchased Assemble this morning, very good price too!

Thank you for the pointer.


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