Video banner in Foundry

Good morning guys,

I am searching for the best way to do a heroic banner with a video in it, which should start automatically.

Please only foundry stacks if it’s possible!

Thank you :slight_smile:

Have you tried using the Foundry Slider stack? That certainly lets you embed YouTube and Vimeo videos.


Thank you for your fast response. But my bad description is the reason that this solution is not working for me. I want a button and a Header in the banner, the video is in the background.


There’s probably more than one option available to you, but the Impact stack does a great job.

Thank you very much! But this is not a foundry stack…

It doesn’t need to be a Foundry stack. Impact will work in Foundry.

I know yeah, but it will be better with only foundry stacks (better responsive). But I know Impact is responsive too, I already got this stack. Is it possible to do buttons in the middle of the video?

Yes absolutely SectionsPro with the Video background child stack and every possible combination of position possible in the stack.

@worxeasyNot sure what you mean by “better responsive” but rest assured that SectionsPro has every responsive adjustment you could want and is of course compatible with Foundry.

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